Houstonapt.com is just one guy. Me.

I have two vintage duplexes in Houston's best inner city neighborhoods, in or near Rice University, Southampton, the University of St. Thomas, etc.

All are solid pier and beam constructions, made from old growth East Texas hardwoods that are no longer commercially available. Designed in the 1920's and 30's when large windows, ceiling fans, porches, sun rooms, comfortable living spaces and other humanizing elements were mandatory, I have updated them with hi-efficiency central air conditioning/heating units with programmable thermostats, custom lighting fixtures, on-site free washer and dryers, outdoor patios with gas bbq grills, accent painting, berber carpeting, refinished hardwood floors, ceiling fans, tiled kitchens, granite countertops and award winning gardens. All of the properties have private pools or custom accent waterfalls or Italian fountains.

Real estate isn't my primary business, so I have made it a practice to rent under market value to good tenants with exemplary references. My tenants reciprocate by keeping their space in good condition and undertaking the initiative for minor maintenance.

Many tenants have stayed with me two, three, even up to ten years. Why? I am a great landlord and, as a general rule, I do not raise rents on good tenants. And these houses are a stones throw from the most exclusive areas in Houston, all the museums, the Medical Center, Rice University and the University of St. Thomas, downtown, Greeway Plaza, the Galleria, Highland Village and the River Oaks Shopping Center; not to mention the best restaurants, cafes and clubs that the city has to offer.

I am sorry, but pets and young children are not allowed as many tenants are serious grad/med students, single professionals and quiet couples. I also ask that there is no cigarette smoking inside the apartments.

Feel free to give me a yell: Greg LeRoy • P.O. Box 540381 • Houston, Texas 77254
Cell: 713.320.3090 • Fax: 281.727.0802
email me with your requirements and I will notify you when a relevant apartment becomes available:

I use the standard Texas Association of Realtors Residential Lease, as well as a small Addendum, both of which can be viewed through a link on the front page of each property. Each property also has a link to a map of that location, as well as nearby restaurants, clubs and cultural spots.

Over the years I had many tenants ask me to utilize an epayment system. So in 2013 I switched to erentpayment.com. This is the most economical and highly rated service in the US. For about the cost of 2 postage stamps they automatically deduct rent on the first of the month from your bank account, saving the tenant the hassle of writing a check, buying stamps, stuffing envelopes and then running to the post office. Not to mention that you don't have to be preoccupied with forgetting to pay rent. It has been a great success and consequently all tenants must use this service.

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